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The Sunshine Simple company is built on our flagship product, the World's Most Powerful Solar Generator for the Lowest Price--GUARANTEED.
Our generators are lightweight, portable and, of course, extremely simple to use. Plug and play.

The success of our generators has allowed our business to quickly expand, and we are now excited to offer an ever-growing line of complementary equipment and accessories. They are all designed to give you personal energy independence, and environmental awareness, while saving you money on your bills from here on out.
Whether you are an experienced prepper or survivalist, or just a person who is tired of wasting money on the "grid," you will quickly see how our products can help you, and why they are so popular in every U.S. state and in countries around the globe.

We not only stand by our claim that these products are the highest-quality, for the lowest price, in the world, but also the absolute simplest to use, even if you have virtually no technical skills. That's why we've built our strong reputation on the brand name: SUNSHINE SIMPLE.

Please explore our products, and rest assured that every order is given personal attention and customer support. Our staff can also customize products to fit your specific needs.
Thanks for taking a look at our catalog, and please let us know if you have specific questions or needs:

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Joshua was interviewed by the Edward R. Murrow Award-Winning US1 Radio in the hurricane-vulnerable Florida Keys about the Sunshine Simple Generator.
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