This is the newest unit coming out of our labs based on your feedback for performance and pricing. We made a unit that was designed by what our clients were asking for.

And for a limited time, we currently offer FREE shipping anywhere in the United States (usuall $75). This is our best value for weight verses power. The unit weights less then 30 pounds and features a built in light, AM - FM radio, and has an alarm clock.

We have optimized this unit for battery and solar performance and include a 12VDC LED work light and a 12VDC USB plug, by leaving the invertor off and running items

directly on DC only this unit offers performance almost equal to our Sunshine Simple 120 unit. It has 3 120 VAC jacks and 1 12VDC lighter style jack.

The unit is expandable and can be designed to hook up additional batteries, ask us if you need customs solutions, we love making technology for our clients that works.

It's very easy to use and very mobile.  Packs up and carries in your car without problems. This little unit is perfect in emergencies for powering radio equipment, computers, recharging your phones, etc. But with 600 watts of power can also when the needs arise power larger equipment with ease. It's a JOY to take camping.

It comes with a plug in and forget AC charger so you only need to deploy the panel during emergencies.  This unit can save your life and offers a long term power

solution during extended power outages.

IRON CLAD WARRANTY: You're protected! The warranty is for one, full year on parts and labor and 90 days on the battery (the battery can last for years so long as you don't ever let it sit completely dead for a long time). If something goes wrong, just send it back (or whatever parts seem to be the culprits--we'll advise you) and we'll exchange it at no cost, as quickly as possible (excluding obvious abuse or acts of God beyond our control). If something goes wrong after that year, we'll help fix it as low-cost as possible. Regardless of the situation, we want you to be satisfied so you'll tell your friends good things about us and you'll keep coming back.
600-watt Solar Generator with a Folding, 80-watt panel
with 80-watt panel
*FREE* shipping
No hidden costs!
SunShineSmile Prepper
Always Be Prepared

*Be prepared for emergencies, from home to campers, maximum performance verses weight*

Make an investment in your security.
* Since each unit is hand-assembled by experts as orders come in (to ensure fresh batteries and stellar performance) please allow up to 30 days to receive your complete generator. *
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