Sunshine Simple Ultimate Prepper

Power Unit with 400 watts Output

40 Watt Solar Panel

(This Is Our Best Selling System!)
Bonus EMP Kit To Convert A Trashcan You Supply Into A Tactical Faraday Cage Trashcan That Can Protect Your Electronics Against An EMP Event.

This is the newest unit coming out of our labs based on your feedback for performance and pricing. We made a unit that was designed by what our clients were asking for. The solar panel folds flat for easy storage.

And for a limited time, we currently offer FREE shipping anywhere in the United States (usuall $75). This is our best value for weight verses power. The unit weights less then 30 pounds.

We have optimized this unit for battery and solar performance and include a Bonus EMP protection Kit to allow you to store this unit in a tactical Faraday Cafe made from a common trash can you supply with our grounding kit.

The unit comes with a 40 watt folding flat panel that is easy for storage.

The unit outputs 400 watts of AC when powered up, it is light weight but heavy duty power backup with 38ah of energy to keep your essential electronics and LED lights on during an emergency or camping. This will be a true life saver.

It's very easy to use and very mobile. Packs up and carries in your car without problems. This little unit is perfect in emergencies for powering radio equipment, computers, recharging your phones, etc. It's a JOY to take camping.

SunShine Simple Prepprer with 40 Watt Folding Panel and all the extras 599.95 With Free Shipping

It comes with a plug in and forget AC charger so you only need to deploy the panel during emergencies. This unit can save your life and offers a long term power solution during extended power outages.

IRON CLAD WARRANTY: You're protected! The warranty is for one, full year on parts and labor and 90 days on the battery (the battery can last for years so long as you don't ever let it sit completely dead for a long time). If something goes wrong, just send it back (or whatever parts seem to be the culprits--we'll advise you) and we'll exchange it at no cost, as quickly as possible (excluding obvious abuse or acts of God beyond our control). If something goes wrong after that year, we'll help fix it as low-cost as possible. Regardless of the situation, we want you to be satisfied so you'll tell your friends good things about us and you'll keep coming back.